Fishing for fish

Lately we have been doing a lot of fishing so we thought that we should make it a blog post so here you go we hope you like it :-) Fishing is pretty straightforward. You just need a fishing rod, line and a hook and maybe a sinker. Sometimes you don’t even need a rod, just a line with bait or a lure. I, Luka, also started to make some lures from wood but more about that later. What is important is to make sure you tie a good knot to keep your hook on the line when you catch a fish. This is how you tie a Luka knot that will never open ever. It is super easy to tie: Put the line through the little hoop on the hook Then lead the line back along the line that comes down Twist the hook 7 times around the line Then take the end line put it through the first twist loop that’s closest to the hook Pull it tight and cut the excess line That’s it - hope you like it


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