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How it all started

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Dad entry. Most posts will be written by Luka and Nikita as part of their homeschooling.

As most of the world we are currently struggling with the Covid19 crisis. Something I wished my children would never have to experience. Well, here we are.

We had the kids at home for the last few weeks - "homeschooling". This comes with certain challenges, not to mention a lot of work. We slowly got into our daily routine but I was pretty obvious that both boys had different learning styles. We struggled to get the kids sit down and do their writing excises, maths, reading, language and more.

They just got bored as there was no purpose. So we decided to add some purpose.

Let's build a business that both boys can run from home and would require them to write a business plan (writing skills), plan the process (project management), design a logo (creative thinking and art), develop a website (research, online tools), make decisions together (collaboration), calculate prices, margins and timing (maths), produce the product (craft, geometry), develop a social media strategy (communications, critical thinking), take photos of the products (technical skills) and many more 21st century skills that are required for their future life.

It looks like we did the right thing. For a whole week, we were struggling to get the kids to write (by hand) more than a few paragraphs for their writing class. The business plan (dad supplied the headings) was ready in an hour and covered 1.5 pages handwritten notes.

The boys decided they wanted to make and sell guitar picks as they both play and like music. They also like spending time in and on the water be it sailing, swimming or surfing and they are well aware that our oceans are full of plastic. Very quickly they found two Ocean Regeneration Organisations that they want to support.

I'll stop here because it is now the boy's responsibility to update this blog with progress updates. If you want to support them follow @jampicks on Instagram and also check out the two Ocean Projects we support.

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