The Guitar Player

Another entry by Nikita. Dad is typing:

Hello everybody, yesterday we went to the red letterbox not far from our house. We put 8 envelopes inside. They will now be sent to USA, UK, Germany and Australia. We just looked at the analytics from our website and we now also have visitors from China. In total, we have 92 people visiting our webpage between 1-8 April. That's really a lot of people more than my brother and I have in our school classes.

My dad took this screenshot for you so you can see. My dad also says that our bounce rate looks really good. We learned today that a bounce rate is the % of visitors that leave our site after looking at only one page. Which means that if you have a high bounce rate your homepage is boring and people don't like it. 26% to 40% is considered excellent so we are very happy.

The picture I drew is me playing the acoustic guitar. I am practising a lot. Soon I hope Luka and I will start a band.

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