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We have just switched on our online shop. Now you can go to jampicks.com or follow us on Instagram (@jampicks) so you can get your very special hand made guitar pick. Inspiration I (Luka) want to thank my guitar teacher for the inspiration to make guitar picks. He is also on Instagram (burnsy4000) Once I had a guitar class with him and I asked him how picks are made and he said they can be made with a pick cutter or something similar. My dad and my brother and I found one on eBay which we bought with my pocket money.

People we support My brother and I like sailing, surfing and swimming in the ocean and the oceans are full of plastic and fish die. That is not cool and we both looked for an organisation we can support that help the ocean to get better. I liked the Coral Gardeners because they plant corals like carrots! My brother liked The Ocean Cleanup because he is good with Lego and likes the plastic collector they use.

We couldn’t agree on one so we decided to support both organisations :-)

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