We are supporting Northern Beaches Clean Up Crew

Nikita and dad are writing this together.

For the last few weeks, we have been looking for one more organisation that we can support with our proceeds from our recycled guitar picks business. We have long been in contact with Malin. Malin and her friends run a not-for-profit called Northern Beaches Clean Up Crew (NBCC). As the name suggests they come together once a month with everyone who wants to join and clean up beaches! Click here for links to their different social media accounts.

As a family we already participated a few times already and will continue to do so. The group is also now registered as an NFP which means the can accept donations to help make an even bigger impact. Below are a few pictures of one of the events, we participated in.

You wouldn't believe how much rubbish 50 people can find in 2 hrs along the beach and lagoons!! On that day we collected over 15000 pieces of plastic rubbish and more (balls, bottles, lighters, bikes, chairs, and more)

How do we know how many pieces were collected? Easy, all things we find are counted after each beach cleanup and recorded!

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