Shipping & Returns


We send our picks to every corner in the world. All picks come hand packed in envelopes we make by re-using paper from old magazines. We don't waste paper by buying new envelopes. It is very easy to make envelopes from magazine pages and they even look great!


For Australia wide posting, we charge the standard rate of $1.10 and it will take approximately 3-5 business days for the picks to reach you. International postage is $4.00 - $3.20 for the stamp and $0.80 we buy carbon offsets from

Return & Exchange Policy

We don't offer refunds but if you don't like your pick you can send them back to us and you can select another one you like more.


You have to cover the postage costs yourself though. To return you pick please contact us here and let us know that you want to send it back. - a project by Luka & Nikita